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– MissionWISE facts to date –

Aboard the ISS at an altitude of 400 Km, we stored
12 bottles of Bordeaux wine for 438 days and 19 hours.
They travelled more 300 000 000 km at 28 800 km/h in ZeroG.
320 vine plants, 50% Merlot; 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, were also stored,
for 312 days and 14 hours,  which represents 216 057 600 km in ZeroG
(which equates to approximately 284 return trips to the moon).


Slide 01 What We Do New Layer Space Cargo Unlimited charters pressurized spaceships with return capacity. It empowers research and manufacturing missions in Low Earth Orbit, unleashing the impact of the space environment to forge a variety of high-impact products for Earth, from life sciences to new materials.

Working in collaboration with the science team from its biotech subsidiary, Space Biology Unlimited, on November 2nd 2019, Space Cargo Unlimited launched the first privately-lead comprehensive research program on the ISS: Mission WISE, with a particular focus on the future of agriculture for a changing Earth.

Slide 03 The first Space Biotech. Space Biology Unlimited is a French biotech company, subsidiary of Space Cargo Unlimited, aiming to approach life science research in Space with disruptive methodologies. Spaceship Charters for the future of Earth. Space Cargo Unlimited is a European startup founded in 2014 by highly regarded private investors and space enthusiast entrepreneurs. 02

The first privately lead comprehensive research program on the ISS, Mission WISE, focusing on the future of agriculture for a changing Earth. Six launches, of which five to the International Space Station (2019 - 2022) Mission WISE 04 SECONDPRO November 2019
Northrop Grumman - Antares / Cygnus
CommuBioS H2 2022 ALPHA December 2019
Blue Origin - New Shepard / New Glenn
CANES March 2020
SpaceX - Falcon 9 / Dragon
WYBStudy H2 2021 FERMENT H1 2022 Visit Nasa Website

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An international team of multi disciplinary experts with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 05 Nicolas


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