November 2017 Press Release

Introducing Space Cargo Unlimited.                                                       

Space Cargo Unlimited is a space startup founded, in 2014, by highly regarded private European investors and space-enthusiast entrepreneurs. Fostered by the “New Space” dynamic and leveraging the high level of European space industry expertise, Space Cargo Unlimited aims to seize the immense potential of microgravity research for commercial applications on Earth. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company operates, with teams and partners, in Bordeaux & Toulouse – France, Friedrichshafen – Germany and Seattle – USA.

Over the past decade, a number of exciting private sector initiatives in launchers and pressurized space vehicles have been introduced, fueling amazing new ventures. Beyond the current development of micro satellites and ambitious constellations to nurture new avenues for telecommunications and Earth-data processing, the most hyped areas of opportunities are, today, space tourism and space mining. Yet, the development of new vehicles and the desire of government agencies to provide more access of their sub-orbital station capacities to commercial projects foster, what we believe at Space Cargo Unlimited, to be the most exciting field of Space exploration today: microgravity research and applications. Tomorrow, as such visionaries as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos establish more permanent human settlements in Space, we also believe significant increased applied micro-gravity work will be required, especially in the field of health and nutrition.

Micro gravity research has been the backbone of government-led space programs for a couple of decades. Yet, despite some remarkable projects, it is fair to say that micro gravity commercial applications have been few and far between. Space Cargo Unlimited believes that this is primarily due to an issue of scale and methodology. In terms of scale, access to Space for research remains extremely complex and expensive; and methodology, Space research is constrained, overly siloed and disconnected, some how, from market opportunities.

Thanks to innovative and disruptive business models and partnerships of multiple kinds, Space Cargo Unlimited believes it can tackle these issues. New business models bring new funding sources allow us to secure new access opportunities to Space. Also, engaging new research partners, while bridging the gap between research and industry, as much as between private and public sectors helps Space Cargo Unlimited define new research methodologies. With all this and our strategic partnerships with space operators, we are working on developing a comprehensive expertise in complex microgravity projects management to nurture various innovative, and useful, microgravity initiatives.

Space Cargo Unlimited aims to operate, by 2030, a 30-ton research and manufacturing platform. Our first mission will be announced in 2018 and will take place in 2018/2020 with multiple launches.

Space Cargo Unlimited invites industry and research to collaborate on the development microgravity projects.

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