November 2018 Press Release

Space Cargo Unlimited announces the first “New Space” research program to be entirely privately funded.

The next generation of pressurized space cargo with a new approach to funding microbiology research in microgravity will pave the way to our future.

Luxembourg (Europe) – November 27, 2018– Space Cargo Unlimited (SCU), a one-of-a-kind European “New Space” start-up, will begin its disruptive adventure with an entirely privately funded microbiology program starting in the second half of 2019. SCU is proud to announce, today at New Space Europe 2018 Conference, that our first experiment will board on Blue Origin.

From reinventing microbiology research in microgravity to space tourism, SCU craves to be at the forefront of the New Space revolution by providing unique new value-added products and services.

“Thanks to a new generation of space pressurized vehicles, amazing new service opportunities arise. Space has a lot to offer to the Earth.” Says Nicolas Gaume, Co-Founder and CEO of Space Cargo Unlimited.

Among other opportunities, SCU envisions to focus first on bridging the gap between research and industry, across both private and public sectors, to define new research applied methodologies in complex microgravity project management. Such an adventure is made possible by partnering with key scientific and space players such as CNES, who has engaged in a five-year partnership with SCU’s microgravity and microbiology research programs. “We are thrilled to support Space Cargo Unlimited in their audacious adventure” mentions Mr. Lionel Suchet, Chief Operating Officer for the CNES (Centre Nationaled’Etudes Spatiales, France).“Our collaboration lays the foundation of a new era of partnerships in Europe to explore the future of microbiology research in microgravity.”

“In the meantime, our industry business models and funding mechanisms remain extremely fragile and difficult to establish”, adds Nicolas Gaume. “By developing new innovative financial models and engaging new sources of funding, we aim to drastically accelerate space exploration and space commercialization.”

To finance its programs, SCU targets Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI) in partnership with Ateliers Victor, the French “Maison d’Art”, creating exclusive pieces of art, epithets of French Luxury for passionate connoisseurs from all over the World. Together, they will offer exclusive experiences blending luxury, art and space, to meet their extreme personalization and sophisticated needs with their entrepreneur and pioneer spirit.

Space Cargo Unlimited will be unveiling details of its first mission in the first half of 2019, including the global launch schedule.