“Innovation Uncovered” a new podcast by Invesco QQQ and T Brand @ The New York Times

Why did scientists launch a case of Bordeaux into space? Hosts Corey S. Powell and Kristen Meinzer learn now ancient winemaking techniques, complemented by modern technology, are revolutionizing the wine industry and growing the popularity of natural wines. With the looming threat of climate change, vineyards are looking for innovative ways to grow and ferment grapes (and that test case of Bordeaux on the International Space Station will help answer many questions) Episode Guests: Nicolas Gaume, Co-Founder and CEO of Space Cargo Unlimited, Krista Scruggs, Zafa Wines Winemaker and Co-Founder of Co Cellars, and Todd Cavallo, Owner and Winemaker at Wild Arc Farm. [Invesco Distributors, Inc.]…

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