Luxembourg, October 27th, 2022

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REV1 will be the first reusable automated space vehicle dedicated to in-orbit manufacturing, powering the next industrial revolution for Earth’s benefits.

● In partnership with world leader space system manufacturer Thales Alenia Space, REV1 will pioneer effective manufacturing in space by leveraging the heritage of “Space Rider” and “IXV” programs commissioned by the European Space Agency (ESA).

● To fund Phase 1 of the REV1 space program, Space Cargo Unlimited is raising money from prominent VCs, such as Eurazeo, Expansion (promoted by Charles Beigbeder), Thales Corporate Ventures, and business angels.

Luxembourg, October 27, 2022 — Today, during New Space Europe Conference in Luxembourg, Nicolas Gaume, CEO and Co-Founder of Space Cargo Unlimited, and Karine Courtin, Board Member, will take the stage at 5 pm to lay out the company’s ambition to unleash the immense potential of in-space manufacturing for Earth. Fully autonomous with no astronaut aboard, REV1 is the floating factory of the future voyaging in Low Earth Orbit.

With REV1, Space Cargo Unlimited provides an autonomous platform for companies to produce in space. Founded in 2014, Space Cargo Unlimited is the first European private commercial operator of in-space manufacturing, paving the way to unleashing Low Earth Orbit’s commercial potential.

REV1 offers an accessible, reliable, and affordable platform to foster the next Industrial revolution (aka “Industry 5.0”). REV1 is designed to be reusable for up to 20 missions in total and will start operating in late 2025. The vehicle and its payloads will remain in space for 2 to 3 months per mission.

“This is an incredible journey Space Cargo Unlimited began seven years ago. There is no Planet B, and we intend to create a better future by helping invent and accelerate space manufacturing for humankind’s benefit. Major industries will see an impact, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and new materials.” Says Karine Courtin.

“Today, as we accomplish another milestone, we are proud to leverage innovations brought by the leadership of ESA (and ASI) and an incredibly supportive partner, Thales Alenia Space. All together, we contribute to the emergence of a European commercial solution to grasp the opportunities of in-space testing and manufacturing. REV1 is the ultimate outcome of our past space experiments. We flew payloads with major space operators and are now climbing a new step to engage in the new space industrial revolution benefiting Earth’s life.” Adds Nicolas Gaume.

“It was in my personal interest to have a follow-up after IXV, and we succeeded in getting SpaceRider financed. The next logical step is towards commercialization of cargo experiments in low earth orbit. REV 1 of SpaceCargo is exactly that approach.” Indicates Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner, former ESA Director General.

Space exploration is experiencing immense democratization. Rising research and development activities are making reusable launch vehicles a viable market, and public /private partnerships are accelerating critical discoveries. It is estimated that in-space manufacturing will represent $10B by 2040 (source: Morgan Stanley, 2021). With solutions like the REV1, Space Cargo Unlimited forecasts that the market could be up to twice as big by 2035.

About Space Cargo Unlimited

Founded in 2014, Space Cargo Unlimited is a European startup founded by highly regarded private investors and space-enthusiast entrepreneurs. Fostered by the new space dynamic, with technological advances and falling costs of access to space, leveraging the high level of European space industry expertise, Space Cargo Unlimited is dedicated to seizing the potential of microgravity research and manufacturing for commercial applications on Earth. Building strategic partnerships with space operators, Space Cargo Unlimited develops comprehensive expertise in complex microgravity project management to nurture innovative and useful initiatives. Headquartered in Luxembourg with teams in France and in Italy. Partners include Thales-Alenia Space and CNES.

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